This mukhvas has pungent taste. All the seeds give nutty flavor, with sweet and salty Taste. All the ingredients are having high nutrient value which is as under:

Fennel seeds are facial toner, deep cleanser, digestive aid, cancer prevention, and good Source of Fiber, Calcium & Iron.

Dhania Dal has a nutty flavor that blends very well with other aromatic ingredients.

White Sesame strengthens muscle tissue, Facilitates digestion and Constipation.

Flax Seeds are great source of Omega-3. It is Anti oxidant rich, great source of fiber, Anti aging, healthy digestion.

Dill seeds good source of calcium, dietary fiber, as well as the minerals manganese, iron and magnesium.

Carom Seeds instant relief from Acidity, good for liver and kidney. Useful in alleviating Flatulence (gas), indigestion.

Grated Coconut provides you with energy to get you through the day. It helps maintain Healthy tissue and fight disease.

Dry ginger powder help in digestion, reduce nausea, loss of appetite, motion sickness.

Liquorices powder soothes your stomach, improves respiratory system, and reduces stress.

Cinnamon Powder can lower blood sugar. It has anti inflammatory properties.

Clove Powder helps to prevent constipation, strengthen immune system.

  •  Fennel seeds
  •  Dhania dal
  •  White Sesame
  •  Flax seeds
  •  Dill seeds
  •  Carom seeds
  •  Grated dry coconut
  •  Rock candy
  •  Dry ginger powder
  •  Liquorice powder
  •  Cinnamon powder
  •  Clove powder
  •  Rock salt

After every meal consumption of this serve as digestive aid.